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KMS Safety Blow Guns pay for themselves in savings and blow away the competition! The patented venturi system uses side ports to combine free ambient air with costly compressed air, creating a fuller volume of usable output. This feature-packed blow gun outperforms its overpriced competitors.

No more OSHA fines - tampering doesn't work on KMS Safety Blow Guns! Many managers have observed operators plugging or taping over their blow guns' vent holes in an effort to increase output. If the venturi side ports of a KMS Safety Blow Gun are blocked, the airflow output is noticeably reduced, thus eliminating the tamper incentive and preventing costly safety violations.

KMS Safety Blow Guns meet all OSHA standards and get the job done with more air power. KMS Safety Blow Guns exceed OSHA requirements by reducing compressed air pressure to less than 30 psi when dead-ended and by providing required safety shield for effective chip guarding. KMS Safety Blow Guns tested using 125 psi initial pressure put out approximately 20 psi nozzle pressure when blocked. Protective shield guards operator from blown debris and prevents lever from activating when dropped. Venturi side ports provide safety relief when blow gun is dead-ended.

KMS Safety Blow Guns provide full volume of air under normal operations. Rugged, chemical resistant Super-Nylon body has corrosion-resistant brass valve components. The KMS Safety Blow Gun is the strongest blowgun on the market.

Our 1/4"-diameter copper extensions come in four lengths so the air nozzle can be extended to clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas. Safety Blow Guns are threaded at the output end to fit KMS extensions, and threaded at the input end with 1/4" Female NPT (National Pipe Thread) to fit standard 1/4" Male NPT connection to air source.

Select the blowgun output volume (standard or fuller) and activator (lever or button) to suit your industrial pneumatic application. See COMPLETE PRODUCT LINE...