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Safety Blow Guns by KMS Company are your OSHA-compliant blow gun solution. Our patented tamper-defeating Safety Blow Gun prevents OSHA violations while providing superior power and durability for a great low price.

When you need safety in a powerful industrial blowgun application, you need a KMS Safety Blow Gun. KMS Safety Blow Guns prevent costly OSHA fines and keep users safe while they get the job done well. KMS Safety Blow Guns meet or exceed all OSHA standards for pneumatic air nozzles in a quality air gun that provides the full volume of pneumatic power while protecting industrial workers from the dangers of compressed air. Tampering with this blowgun won’t compromise its safety: KMS’s patented venturi system defeats attempts at air gun tampering by reducing compressed air flow when the safety holes are blocked. So when both OSHA-compliant safety and achieving a powerful airflow are your concern, KMS Safety Blow Guns are the answer.

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